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Unspun Daily allows contributors with long term interest in independent reporting. Our system works much like an open source coding project. Active contributors review work of all other active contributors. When quality and content standards have been met, editors and contributors will come to a consensus and push the article live.

When quality checks do not pass: active contributors will suggest changes to get the article to our quality standards.


1) Content must be independent in nature. It cannot use alt-right or alt-left facts or conspiracy theories.

2) Content must be trending or be shown to be of public interest and importance. Articles about cats are great, but will not meet this criteria.

3) Content must fall into a general category in the page header.

4) This publication is in English because that is currently the predominant global language (in terms of variety of speakers). Active contributors will do a language check before articles are posted.

5) All facts in all published articles will be checked by active contributors for verification. If you have an online source you are encouraged to add the link into the article directly.

Content checks: please review your topic with your relevant editor before getting too far in. Most can tell you if it is appropriate content for this site with a brief read or discussion.

Veto: All active contributors have a veto right. If a majority finds content or an idea to not be appropriate for Unspun Daily, it will not be pursued or published.

Ownership: the articles posted on Unspun Daily are owned by Unspun Daily. We will not remove or delete your articles, by request, after they pass our submission process. You should not repost your article or any other article found on this site, to another platform.

Interested in becoming a contributor? Reach out to our technical founder on Linkedin.


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