Business ideas: in the pandemic economy.

It is a crazy world for starting a new business. Check out these data backed entrepreneurial ideas.

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Business ideas: in the pandemic economy.

US unemployment is at record highs. With many people out of work, ideas for independent entrepreneurial endeavors are in high demand. But how do you come up with an idea in the first place? We came across a trending post which uses Google Search data to find exploding topics. If a topic is trending you might be able to find an idea, in the details, for your next venture.  The original post is here. We will rehash the list to only include ideas that can be done with limited resources.

1) Daily harvest - Food delivery service that delivers frozen meals and snacks. 3,300% growth in search over the past month.

People are reluctant and in many cases unable to grocery shop like they did pre-corona. Many local fresh food markets are shut down completely. It might be a great time to create a food delivery farmers market. Or find a niche food delivery market that is currently being undeserved.

You will probably need a simple landing page and directory of items that can be purchased. Shipping - you may need to handle this yourself.

2) Air purifying plants - Green vegetation used in the home that are purported to remove toxins from the air. 488% search growth.

Never heard of this? Not a problem. With more people spending more time at home, indoor air quality is a trending topic.

Business idea: you could grow and sell your own brand of air purifying vegetation. Something called a 'Swiss cheese plant' is also a trending topic.

3) Manscaped - Company that offers a variety of grooming products for men. 8,400% search growth.

The interest in at-home grooming is sky rocketing. Businesses which teach people to cut their own hair via Zoom meeting, or serve other products to this specific niche, may find themselves in an advantages market position.

4) Teachable - Online course creation and management software platform. 1,150%

Lessons are a big part life. Learning a language, piano, crafts and much more can be done effectively remotely. If you have a skill that can be taught and is in demand, you might be able to start a remote learning classroom.

Hellotalk - search interest up 338% - this data also indicates that if you are bilingual you may have an advantage in the remote-lesson space.

5) Garage gym - Method of simulating a traditional gym in a garage, typically focusing on free weight equipment, like benches and squat racks. 234%

Anything involving at-home health and fitness could become a good business. Ideas that come to mind: renting work out equipment, or allowing your customers to co-own equipment. Remote personal trainer.

Many people created home gyms during lockdown. They may want to continue growing those home gyms post lockdown.

6) Tiktoc video editor. 7,200%

The popular short form video app has exploded in popular culture. Businesses and individuals are looking for professional video editors for their content. If you can make videos look great, this might be an opportunity for you.

7) Hiring remote - interest is up 1,333%

A lot of positions have gone remote. You can create a service to cater to this audience. Think at-home office supplies such as desks and monitors, or online services that cater to remote workers.

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