Decoupling news from motives.

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Decoupling news from motives.

There are a lot of people out there, trying to convince you. In the form of news, Tweets, advertisements, or what have you gimmicks.

Many of us have been trained to accept subjective realities, and deny the existence of any objective reality. Your truth is the truth and that truth can change from person to person. There is a sense that we should have critical thinking, but should prioritize open thinking unless we want to be perceived as biased.

Unspun News is here to expand your mind and bring you back to a time where there was an objective truth that treated 'alternative fact' as exactly that. A very mild and rare perception of our shared collective reality, held by a minority who see themselves as either right or left.

You will need to accept one premise while reading Unspun. Take it as a sort of mind experiment. If there was a universal courthouse, and that all who enter had to take an oath of truth, that held them to a standard they know as their motives: things would look a lot different than what you may be used to. Unspun dissects and tries to understand the true motives behind that article, that tweet, or that statement.

Trump was the first to use 'fake news' as a political cry on the scale that he did. We think he was right because it called attention to a serious issue in news reporting; 'Agenda bias'.

But then again you know that Trump trying to make “Anti-fascists” a terrorist group, in-spite of Twitter feeds of alleged Antifa groups having been uncovered to be alt-right agitators, is simply the very same agenda bias. Even if he succeeds in this goal, it means very little to normal people, and therefor is by definition fake news and a 'political distraction'! Why do you know this? Because you are smart enough to read between the lines and view multiple sources. You understand that stated reason and unstated motivations may be two very different things.

We are here to unspin and show you the underlying truth and agendas behind trending topics. You can make up your own minds based on the facts. No spin! With a lot of unspin on what you may read day to day. Enjoy.


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